Privacy Policy

This document provides information about how your personal data is used within Vangin and your rights in this connection.

Vangin is a Faroese service where the digital services of Service Providers are collected. 

If you need support to use Vangin, you can contact customer services via telephone at 1881 or email at

Gjaldstovan owns and maintains Vangin.  You may contact Gjaldstovan regarding the processing of personal data: 

Kvíggjartún 1
160 Argir
Faroe Islands
+298 35 24 00

Data Controller

Gjaldstovan is the Data Controller for Mínboks via Vangin.  All other services are provided by other Service Providers. A Service Provider on Vangin is a public institution/office, municipality, or a business that offers its services via Vangin. These Service Providers consequently are the Data Controllers for their own services, while Gjaldstovan is the Data Processor on behalf of the Service Providers. 

You should contact the entity with Data Controller if you have questions about the processing of your personal data via Vangin.

About Mínboks
Mínboks is an integrated part of Vangin.  Mínboks is your personal and secure digital post box. 

Gjaldstovan owns and maintains Mínboks.

You can access Vangin without being a user of Mínboks.

Special terms and conditions regarding use are linked with Mínboks that you must accept before you become a user of Mínboks.  The terms and conditions for use of Mínboks are available here:

Services for which Gjaldstovan is the data processor

Gjaldstovan is the Data Processor for all services via Vangin other than Mínboks.

You should contact the Data Controller responsible for the respective service, if you have questions regarding the processing of personal data linked to the service.  

Contact information for each Service Provider is available on the webpage of the respective Service Provider on Vangin. 

Purpose for processing your personal data

The purpose of processing your personal data is to make it possible for you to use Vangin in a satisfactory manner. 

Gjaldstovan has the authority to process your personal data pursuant to the following:

  • Act on the Processing of Personal Data § 9, Paragraph 1, No. 5: “… for the performance of a task carried out in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller or a third party to whom the personal data are disclosed …”
  • Act on the Processing of Personal Data § 11: “Public authorities may process data concerning identification numbers unique identification or as file numbers….”.

How does Gjaldstovan store your personal data

The data that you see when you log-in to Vangin is only displayed on Vangin.  The actual data resides in the data depository of the respective Service Provider and is not stored in Vangin.   

The Calendar and Mínboks are the only exceptions.  Data for these services are stored on Vangin. 

Calendar data is stored till the respective Service Provider that submitted an individual event to the Calendar elects to delete or amend these events.

Correspondence in Mínboks is not deleted. 

Your rights

Pursuant to current legislation, you have various rights in connection with the processing of your personal data. 

Please contact Gjaldstovan if you wish to exercise your rights.  These rights include, e.g.:


You have the right to have incorrect data corrected. 


In certain circumstance, you can have your personal data deleted.

Limitation / Restriction

If you see that the data about you covers more than is required for the processing of a specific purpose / request, you have the right to demand that the processing of your personal data be limited.

You can read more about your rights in the Act on the Processing of Personal Data (Act No. 73, 8 May 2001) and on the webpage of the Data Protection Agency,


You can appeal to the Data Protection Agency on the processing of your personal data:  Information on how to contact the Data Protection Agency is available on their webpage,