Welcome to the Digital Faroe Islands

The National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands, Digital Faroe Islands, was established in 2015 to digitalise services for citizens, industry and the public sector

Digital Faroe Islands are led by the Ministry of Finance and are dedicated to optimize and stream digital services for citizens, industries, and the public sector in the Faroe Islands.

Our goal is simple: to modernize welfare and elevate services for our population, driving competitiveness, growth, and production capacity. Central to our mission is the establishment of a secure, user-friendly digital framework.

Through secure solutions and well designed user journeys, we ensure a seamless and efficient digital experience for everyone. Our focus is on making digitalization accessible, safe, and easy to navigate across all sectors.

Our work is divided into four individual projects:

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Find us

Our main office is at Gjaldstovan in Albert Hall.

Our Servicedesk is at Staravegi 9 in Torshavn and can be reached on +298 351881.


Any enquiry can be sent to Durita Hansen, Communications Advisor, durita@talgildu.fo

Digital Strategy 2015-2020