Below you can see a selection of articles in English about the Digitalisation Programme. The Official Gateway to the Faroe Islands: Talgildu Føroyar – a digital solution for the Faroese society

X-Road Case Study: Empowering citizens and business in the Faroe Islands through interoperability

Atlantic Review: A local digital solution for Faroese society

Island Studies Journal: Sailing towards digitalization when it doesn't make cents? Analysing the Faroe Islands' new digital governance trajectory.

The Faroese Government: The Faroe Islands becomes a partner of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions

ERR News: Interview: Researcher on Faroese e-Government and the Estonian experience

ERR News: Faroe Islands look to Estonian example setting up own e-government system

The Next Web: How this small country wants to become the digital land of tomorrow

TMF Dialouge Marketing: Final stages of E-governance Faroe Islands: Citizens Service Portal and #eID ready for implementation!

TMF Dialouge Marketing: Digital Faroe Islands - Easier, better and cheaper for the society


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